Easily make an impact at outdoor events with a durable, weather-resistant tent or tent accent. Available in a variety of sizes and styles including 10ft wide, 20ft wide, popup, inflatable and tubular, there is a tent to fit any need.

Messaging and branding is simple with the opportunity for custom printed graphics, and accents add additional messaging space to your outdoor display. Tents and graphic walls allow for displaying at events in all weather. Browse the wide variety of outdoor display tents & accessories available!

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Outdoor Height Range
  1. 7' - 11'3
  2. 11' - 15'3

Tent Size
  1. 10'3
  2. 20'2

Tent Type
  1. Popup Tent4
  2. Tubular Tent1
  3. Inflatable Tent1

Hardware Warranty
  1. Lifetime Warranty11 year Warranty7

  1. Made in North America1Product can be recycled8Rental Product3

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Zoom 10 Popup Tent

Strong, solid and stable, the Zoom 10ft Popup Tent is great for outdoor fairs, exhibitions, sporting events and arenas, concerts, festivals and more. Printed graphics are long-lasting and can endure exposure to outdoor elements. Polyester canopies and sidewalls are water, wind and UV-resistant, providing the ultimate protection from the sun. Cover...

Zoom 10 Popup Tent Half Wall Kit Only

Accessorize your Zoom 10ft Popup Tent with a Zoom 10 Popup Tent Half Wall in your choice of five stock colors or custom printed. Perfect as a traffic barrier, half walls enclose a tent space while allowing for cool breezes to pass through the space.

Zoom 10 Popup Tent Full Wall Only

Accessorize your Zoom 10ft Popup Tent with a Zoom 10 Popup Tent Full Wall in your choice of five stock colors or custom printed.

Zoom 20 Popup Tent

The Zoom 20ft Popup Tent is the perfect weather-resistant display option for a variety of outdoor events. This aluminum, rust-resistant, durable pop up tent is stable in strong winds, and its vibrant stock, color and custom printed graphics are long-lasting and designed to withstand harsh conditions. The Zoom 20ft Popup Tent provides shade and pr...

Zoom 20 Popup Tent Half Wall Kit Only

The half wall kit for the Zoom 20ft Popup Tent adds an additional messaging area to the display. The half wall can function as a traffic barrier, which is especially useful for high-traffic outdoor events. The half wall comes in five stock colors, with the option for additional custom graphics on both sides to compliment the overall design. Half ...

Zoom 20 Popup Tent Full Wall Only

The Zoom 20ft Popup Tent Full Wall is an optional accessory offered in five stock or custom-printed graphics. The printed full wall provides significant real estate for branding and messaging at outdoor events, and encloses a side of the tent for additional protection from outdoor elements.

Inflatable 10 Dome Tent

The Inflatable 10 Dome Tent is great for any outdoor event. With the included air pump, the tent quickly inflates in less than 10 minutes providing a fun way to draw in a crowd. The inflatable tent features water and UV-resistant custom graphic canopy, with multiple options for additional graphic walls to enclose.

Tubular 10 Dome Tent

The Tubular 10 Dome Tent is a branding opportunity and attention getter at any outdoor festival, exhibition or event. The Tubular Dome is constructed with 30mm silver anodized tubes and quickly assembles with snap button connectors. The canopy is custom printed, water and UV-resistant and made in the USA.

8 Item(s)

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