Embrace 5ft Square Tabletop Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display

Embrace™ 5ft square (2 Quad x 2 Quad) is a sleek, collapsible, portable tabletop display that delivers style with minimal effort. Embrace 5ft square (2 Quad x 2 Quad) features a sleek, collapsible anodized silver frame with channel bars that hold push-fit fabric graphics offered with or without endcaps. No tools are required for assembly. The lightweight and highly portable display packs away as easily as it sets up for the ideal tabletop display!

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- Lightweight straight collapsible anodized silver frame
- Perimeter channel bars connect to frame and hold push-fit fabric graphics
- Simple assembly
- Premium opaque fabric graphic with SEG beading offered with or without end caps
- Dovetail on top hubs for lights* to slide onto
- Rolling carry bag included for most units

- *Lights sold separately

Additional Information

Additional Information

Graphic Width With no end caps: 59.38", With end caps: 84.63"
Graphic Height With no end caps: 59.38", With end caps: 59.38"
Assembled Dimensions 59.95"W x 59.59"H x 12.92"D
Display Size Tabletop
Hardware Only Weight 20 lbs
Shipping Dimensions Ships in:
1 x BOX (38"L x 15"H x 9"D)
Approximate Shipping Weight 22 lbs
*For more detailed information, reference the instructions and/or graphic template.

Optional Accessories

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