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Hopup™ collapsible 8ft inline tension fabric displays feature an integrated fabric graphic that makes it the fastest and one of the easiest displays on the market. Simply expand the collapsible frame and you have a fast and impactful 8ft inline display.

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  1. 8' Inline4

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  1. Straight7
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  1. Lifetime Warranty4

  1. Product includes carry bag or case4Product can be recycled4

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Hopup 5.5ft Curved Full Height Tension Fabric Display

Hopup™ 5ft (2 quad x 3 quad) curved pop up display can provide a solution to any exhibiting need. This dynamic display can be used stand alone, or as a compliment to a large scale custom exhibit and everywhere in between. A wheeled carry bag is included to increase portability. The graphic comes pre-attached, so all you need to do is simply ...

Hopup 8ft Curved Full Height Tension Fabric Display

Hopup™ 7.5ft (3 quad x 3 quad) curved full height pop up display is the portable solution with incredible versatility. Hopup 3x3 curved features a lightweight, durable aluminum frame and a pre-attached Velcro-applied, curved fabric mural with or without endcaps. Simply pop (expand) the frame and you have a perfect full height display; no too...

Hopup 5.5ft Curved Backlit Tension Fabric Display Kit

The Hopup™ 5.5ft (2 quad x 2 quad) curved backlit tension fabric display is a state-of-the-art, illuminated collapsible display that is simple, versatile and can be set up in minutes. Backlit Hopup 2x2 creates a dynamic display with vibrant LED lights that are long-lasting. Simply attach lights to the rear diffuser panel, attach the front gr...

Hopup 8ft Curved Backlit Tension Fabric Display Kit

The Hopup™ 8ft (3 quad x 3 quad) curved backlit pop up display is a versatile solution, providing illuminated graphics that accentuate design and messaging to your audience. Vibrant LED lighting have a significant lifespan, allowing for use at a large number of events. Lights attach to the rear panel of the frame, which illuminate front pane...

4 Item(s)

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