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Make a stunning impression with Formulate™ fabric 20ft inline displays. Available in Essential, Master and Designer Series collections, these 20ft inline displays are lightweight, highly portable and are easy to assemble with the use of push-button connectors and pull-over fabric graphics.

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Display Size
  1. 20' Inline5

Display Shape
  1. Straight3
  2. Horizontal Curved10
  3. Vertical Curved5
  4. Serpentine7

  1. Yes5

Double Sided Capability
  1. No5

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  1. Standard Product5

Hardware Warranty
  1. Lifetime Warranty5

  1. Made in North America5Product includes carry bag or case5Rental Product1

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Formulate Master 20ft WV1 Vertical Curve Fabric Backwall

The Formulate® 20 WV1 Vertical Curve 20ft Fabric Display is a lightweight and modern fabric exhibit that features ample space to make your brand and message stand out from the rest. Formulate 20 WV1 combines a stretch zipper pillowcase fabric graphic with a simple aluminum tube frame to provide unique design, functionality, and style. Stretch ...

Formulate Master 20ft WV2 Vertical Curve Fabric Backwall

The Formulate® 20 WV2 Vertical Curve 20ft Fabric Display is a sophisticated, ergonomically designed tube-based exhibit booth that includes an accent ladder featuring fabric graphics (top and bottom), as well as a large counter space and medium monitor mount. Formulate 20 WV2 combines functionality with style. The excellence of the Formulate li...

Formulate Master 20ft WV3 Vertical Curve Fabric Backwall

The Formulate® 20 WV3 Vertical Curve 20ft Fabric Display showcases an expansive space for branding and messaging, as well as an accent ladder perfect to show videos and presentations. Formulate 20 WV3 combines stretch zipper pillowcase fabric graphics with lightweight aluminum tube structures to provide simple assembly with a modern style. Str...

Formulate Master 20ft WV4 Vertical Curve Fabric Backwall

The Formulate® 20 WV4 Vertical Curve 20ft Fabric Display will ensure your message is delivered with vibrancy and sophistication. Formulate® 20 WV4 couples a lightweight aluminum tube frame with pillowcase fabric graphics; also included is an accent ladder that is perfect for showcasing small products or related items. Stretch fabric graphi...

Formulate Master 20ft WV5 Vertical Curve Fabric Backwall

The Formulate® 20 WV5 Vertical Curve 20ft Fabric Display is the ideal display for a bold, bright brand and message. With a simple to assemble aluminum tube frame, stretch fabric graphic that slips over the frame and graphic accent ladder, you are sure to turn heads at your next event. Stretch fabric graphics are hand-sewn, durable and dry-clea...

5 Item(s)

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